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Dr. Liu's Specialties

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Dr. Liu specializes in individual

corrective therapeutic exercises and

Trigger Point Therapy (Ischemic compression ) to treat patients with

Nerve Roots Impingement,

Herniated Disc, Chronic Neck and back

pain with or without radiating leg pain.

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Tension headaches are normally caused

by tense muscles in the upper trapezius, suboccipital muscles, or other muscles

such as sternocleidomastoid, ( SCM ) or Scalene. Trigger Point Therapy

(Ischemic compression ),

Dr. Liu’s specialty, has shown to be

extremely effective in

treating Tension Headaches.

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Dr. Liu believes the lower extremity is a whole: core, pelvis, hip, knee, and ankle. One joint can affect the others if the active (muscles) or passive (ligaments)

structure are not well balanced. After an exam, Dr. Liu will identify the deficit and treat it accordingly. Dr. Liu specialized in patellofemoral pain, meniscus tear, unstable knee, ankle sprain, and ankle impingement. 

Dr. Liu teaches a shoulder module at 

the NYU PT Residency Program.

She has a deep understanding of

shoulder structure and treating rotator cuff injury, muscle tears/strain in the shoulder, and Scapular Dyskinesis (unstable scapula).

Dr. Liu designs individual programs for each patient depending on the injury.

Dr. Liu has a deep understanding of how to treat dancer with variety of issue including flexibility issue, general musculoskeletal pain (knee, ankle, feet, shoulder), balance, unable to perform certain dance move due to muscle weakness etc. Dr. Liu especially can design a recovery program where dancer or athlete will follow without stopping dance training during the recovery.

Patient who is pregnant often experience ribs and lower back pain secondary to hormonal changes as well as increase size of the fetus weight. These factors can cause patient’s center of gravity changes anteriorly which may disturb normal musculoskeletal system. Dr. Liu is specializing in trigger point therapy to relief the rib pain and balancing the neuromuscular system to avoid the lower back pain.


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